Thursday, December 01, 2005

The morning grind

my eyeslids force themselves apart - 9
*why doesnt someone invent a time-freezer*

doopy is still fast asleep
*with a name like that what can you expect!*

i force myself out of bed
*today i should get to work early*

the daily rituals proceed
*cant we automate this stuff*

my roomies are leaving - 10
*one of these days i'll leave before they get up*

my morning spread - the newspaper
*murder,rape,war - i should try to change the world*

call from home - have u worked out?
*mental note - working out from tomorrow morning*

empty stomach growls in protest
*consolation - maggi only a few days away*

the bed starts looking really alluring
*have to search on the net about that time-freezer*

almost ready at 11 - about to leave
*recommend new HR policy - boost employee morale by declaring random holidays*

on the road - just realized that id is still at home
*must get that face recognition thing installed at work*

cute girl from nearby apartment vrooms by on 2wheeler
*one of these days i'll show her the finger.. the thumb i.e.*

12 - searching for time-freezer at work - citrix blocks all pages


Manjusha said...

Like the stuff between the *...*. :)
Let me know when you get around to the Time Freezer - am in Q for the first working prototype.

Rejitha said...

Nice one.. I totally sympathise with you as I am also a co-victim of the citrix attrocities(and the virtual time racer :)). Blogspot is one among the very few sites which I can access from my workstation.