Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Fallout of a Fall

Many eventful things have been happening in my life! I had my first real fall. Unfortunately not the falling in love kind of fall but nevertheless it did make me horny for a little while. Now if i can take the liberty to call a teeny weeny bump on my head a horn, it does make me horny, doesnt it!

Coming back to the fall, it was a rather uneventful fall from a bike and that too from a friends bike. I just ran into a large pothole, which is a rather ubiquitous sight in Gurgaon, and went flying into another pothole(didnt i tell you that they were everywhere!). They might have built a dozen malls but telltale signs that Gurgaon is a city built into a village are all too visible. As for the fall, not to worry because apart from the usual bruised knee, battered palms , dented ego and the horn on the head every other part seems to be .. errr.. not really in shape(since round is not a shape!) but in working condition.

The amazing thing is that within a week of the fall i went right ahead and bought a brand new bike(a black Honda Unicorn) for myself. That sure acted as some confidence building step. I had been contemplating buying a bike since i landed here and realized that public transport is a non existent concept in Gurgaon. But there always was this deep seated fear that i was maybe not good enough to navigate through the traffic. Having had a fall i suddenly felt less afraid. I can't really explain this but i felt the fear in me receding. Its like i had this quite confidence around me after the fall.

What i've realized is that all of us will have such fears. There will always be danger. But you will never get over the fears that lie in the darkest corners of your mind unless you have faced them head on and seen for yourself what lies in store. I am not saying that one should run around trying to find danger. After all why would i of all people, who has never ever picked up a fight with anyone till date, ask you to court danger! All i am saying here is that sometimes its better to come out bruised rather than living in fear and waiting for the inevitable to happen.


Free Spirit said...

I read this: "if i said beautiful it would be an understatement :)", and thought I knew you, for I left those exact words to a friend yesterday as a comment to a post on his blog. :)

I'm glad I found your bike trail. Your post made me laugh esp about the horny part. :D

Also, I agree with what you said about giving it a go no matter how scary you may think a situation can be. I mean, it couldn't be worse than wondering about the could've beens all your life.

silverine said...

Wasn't it Ceaser who said "it is better to die once than always be afraid of death"... ?

Life sized plastic replicas of myself. The world could do with a few more like me

lol good one!!! Thanks for dropping by :)

manuscrypts said...

did the choice of the particular brand have anything to do with the 'unicorn' bump you had? ;)

Sreejith said...

freespirit, thank you! i couldnt agree more with you.

silverline, Thanks for noticing what many people dont.

manu, lol, nah...the bump didnt impair any of my decision making abilities. I bought it because i loved the free keychain i got with it :P

SHAIK of Hyderabad said...

Hmmm... i think i know you. So, you got urself a bike! When did u learn how to ride a bicycle, and then how did u graduate to actually buying a two wheeler with an ENGINE??? ;)). I wont be surprised if i actually see a horn out of ur head with all the cumulative bumps you WILL have on ur head. And going by ur nature, i wont be surprised if u keep bumping urself at the same place on ur head multiple times EINSTEIN!! ;)).

Anonymous said...

im glad your braver but remember to wear a helmet.. :)