Sunday, December 03, 2006

Reading the Signs

Have you ever pondered about those little readme's that life sometimes throws at you? Windows of opportunity, i call them. In hindsight i would say these are rare and when confronted by such an event you should make the most of it. But then everything looks clearer in hindsight. How many times have we interpreted these signs and used them to our advantage? Isnt that what life boils down to... seizing the opportunity?

Picture this. I come home after a very late night movie and am waiting in the lobby for the lift. At 2:30 in the night the guards were sleeping and even the dogs weren't howling! So you can imagine my surprise when a cute girl walks upto the lift and starts waiting right beside me. Now common sense tells you that if a girl is standing all alone, the least you can do is to make an effort to strike up a conversation. But then common sense is the last thing i would expect to work when a cute girl is standing about 2 feet from me. On top of that the eerie silence that filled the vacuum was like the third character in this story. You could feel its prescence, almost. That, combined with the cricketing sounds just got onto my nerves. So when she gave me a sweet little smile it came as no surprise that i blacked out and all i could manage was something resembling a very terse chuckle. So obviously she took the hint and managed to hide her face from the chuckling monster that i had made myself out to be. Just look at the improbability of this event. I estimate that,
Probability of finding a girl waiting for the same lift as you = 0.01
Probability of that girl being cute = 0.01 (since i consider all of them cute)
Probability of that happening at 2:30 in the night =~ 0.000001
Probability of that girl smiling at you =~ 0.000000001

So i am not very far away from the mark when i claim that i screwed up a 1 in a billion opportunity.


manuscrypts said...

she could've been a vampire for all you know :)

Raja said...

:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) bagundi ..

Rohit said...

Long time no new posts!!!