Thursday, October 27, 2005

Fat chance of losing weight!

Its amusing that there is only one field in which i have consistently stood first from my school days, till possibly even now. No its not academics end even though i was considered a good student all through my school and college (graduation not withstanding :P) there have always been better students around. Rather it is in matters of size that i rule supreme. I have always held the dubious distinction of being the fattest kid in class. Always! I now wonder when i'll lose this tag. Speaking of tags gets me to the origin of this post. Shopping for jeans in chennai, i've run from one shop to another just to find that they don't stock my size :( And on such occasions i always wonder why i have never ever inspired myself to shed those extra kgs! All that thinking resulted in me writing this post rather than me going for a run. And in that one sentence i can sum up my attitude towards slimming down.

Its not like i haven't even given a shot at exercising my right to shed weight. I have made an odd effort now and then. Some of them i remember vividly as i write this post. All of them have taught me just one thing... its really tough! Here are a few of my chosen approaches towards a better life.

Jogging/Running - One summer during my school days i decided that i've had enough of being the healthiest :D kid in class. So i decided to run/jog every day, all summer. So one fine day i woke up early and ran half way(about 4 kms) up the yarada hill(near my home in vizag). Now i must add that the Yarada hills are secluded from the city's pollution and the fresh clean air could have made me healthy. But unfortunately i didnt go high enough to get to the cleaner levels. After half an hour, since the steep incline had taken most of my energy, i decided i've had a great start to my jogging career and decided to walk back home. I don't exactly remember what caused me not to go jogging the next day or the day after. But all i remember is that, that one day's jog was all the jogging i did that summer. I shouldn't have underestimated the laziness in me. So much for jogging.

Yoga - A few years into college another fine summer i again resolved to crack down on the fat. This time i thought i would try the holistic approach - yoga! Off i went and joined a yoga centre. The first things the instructor did was to give me a list of things i could eat. This list looked like a who's who of the world of leaves and green vegetables. Having been allergic to such things for so long it was a great leap of faith and after 10 seconds of soul searching i decided to go ahead with it. In the very first session i was asked to do a few basic stretching exercises to warm up. Apart from the ones in my stomach, which do a lot of stretching everyday to accommodate the food, none of the other muscles were accustomed to this kind of stretching. So the very first day itself i stretched myself a bit too much and broke down. I also had a wholesome meal of spinach and bittergourd. I barely managed to stop myself from throwing up during dinner.. though i did do so after it. All night i was crying out in pain. Every time i tossed and turned in bed an ouch would ring through my room. And that was it for yoga too. One measly session of yoga and one meal of green vegetables was all i had survived.

Dieting - This has happened on a number of occasions. My first proper effort at dieting was during my 2nd semester in college. This was when i used to get up late afternoons and ride a bicycle to indira nagar and back. Ok i did that only for 3-4 days but it was still an effort! And eating pastries in indira nagar wasnt really helping this effort. This clubbed with only eating dinner was my first dieting exercise. Eating only dinner was more of a compulsion because i was asleep at breakfast and lunch times - thanks to Age of Empires :) But unfortunately for me i more than made up for lunch and breakfast at dinner time and hence this was an effort in waste.
There have been many more attempts but these have been the highlights. I am on the threshold of forcing myself to make another such effort. Wish me luck. And I am back in good old Hyderabad. It feels just the same.

BTW for the past few days i've been busy with my latest venture into blogdom. I try to pen down a small verse or a few lines about anything that has caught my attention that day. Its called One for the Day.

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Manjusha said...

All this sounds so familiar! You could've been writing about me - except for the bicycle & Age of Empires bit.