Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Since moving to chennai i havent really done any travelling apart from the lone weekend that i was in kerala. Kerala is a place i would love to go to anyday, but never live for more than a week.
Back in school, going to Kerala was a yearly pilgrimage for me. Every summer i had to pack my bags and leave for a month to the green paradise of india. Paradise it was.. but for a week. After a week with hardly anyone of my generation to give me company, i wandered endlessly in the fields catching dragonfly's and erthworms and chasing birds. I resembled a cow set out to graze in the fields! The major problem was that everyone around had some work or chores to do. From milking the cows to cracking open coconuts. From mending the fields to catching the hens! Everyone except me had work.Added to this i had to live in a village which had no TV till 5 years ago and no cable tv till last year! The place was so quiet i could hear my own breadth.. if the crickets would shut up.
But this visit was a lot different. I was there for exactly 30 hours and i had only enough time to meet my grandparents and to savour tasty home cooked food. In fact i was longing for more time to spend there. My grandparets are 80+ to 90+ years old and though they suffer from the effects of old age they do their own chores. Puts me to shame. Seeing them live their life i wonder why we live in such dense concrete jungles when all we are doing is getting sicker by the day. Kerala, even today is so pristinely beautiful and clean ... i wonder how wondeful it was when they were in their prime. They live to such ripe old ages because they live a clean life. I guess the average life expectancy of the vilages in kerala must be around 80+. And that too without access to proper medial care! Now i long for those same summers that i spent hating the place.
A lot of funny incidents are happening lately. I'll one day devote an entire post to them. But for now savour this. With Hutch giving away free SMS i was tempted to use it to the maximum. So one fine day i hammered the inboxes of a few friends with lots of messages. Pissed of at my spamming one of them complained that what i was doing was "Network Abuse". And that prompted this reply "Network ab use ho raha hai, abuse nahin."

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Sreejith Kumar said...

Thanks for your visit to my page!

I liked this post very much as I am a Keralite. :-) You mentioned one important fact - the life expectancy in Kerala is greater than that of any other state in India.

Liked the mix of abuse and ab use too! LOL