Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Multitasking required...

Many things happening at the same time can really confuse you. As of now i am supposed to leave my dear college and my life of the past 4 years and move on to the professional phase of my life in 10 days time. I have a lot of packing to do. Lots of movies,music and series to copy and move around. Btw got a brand new hard-disk(160 gigs) a few days back. Added to these are the unending trips to library,labs and caretakers for the no-dues. As if these were not enough i also have a report to complete (ouch...dont get me started on that). I wonder how i cannot get confused with all this happening at the same time! Just writing about them seems to confuse me. Hope i finish all these tasks.I just found Graham Greene's "Stamboul Train" among my books. Been a long time since i read that. I wonder what it is with books and trains. My first encounter with books(novels) was around trains. Every year during our annual vacation to Kerala i got to buy a few books for the train ride. This was the only way to keep me silent during the journey. Trust me, a kid can be quite a handful on a train if he is bored. And this yearly ritual continued till the books changed from Tinkle and Chacha Chaudhary to Enid Blyton and then to Sidney Sheldon. But i always felt a connection between trains and books. And i just remembered that my last book from IIIT's library was Anita Nair's "Ladies Coupe". Hmm..there is something worth exploring here. But i better get back to more pressing issues. After all i have a lot of things to do.*Witty incident*This particular incident happened in Vizag. A friend who had come down to Vizag and was experiencing the humid climate for the first time remarked how different it was from Hyderabad's climate. And i instantly quipped "Yes, Its a sea change from Hyderabad!"

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