Monday, May 23, 2005

Cave men!

Disclaimer : The following entry isnt something i am proud of but I would like to one day read this and experience what it feels to be a child again.

The ingredients for a heady mixture of adolescent fun:
4 men whos have read a lot of comics and who refuse to grow up
Non-sense of humour
2 tablespoons of salt or sugar for taste

The following Superheroes/supervillains and their superpowers are the product of the above recipe. The concept is still under development but comments and suggestions are welcome.

Sulphur Man - Can throw sulphur all around. No one knows what throwing sulphur around can can do but who cares!

Kracker Kid - He is the quintessential geek. Can hack into anything connected by a wire, even ur mom's clothesline! Voted "GEEK GOD" by the Cheek! magazine for the last 99999999 years(looks like he hacked their server too :P). He lives by the name "Biscuit Boy" in real life.

Narcissist Nazi - The villian. He has absolutely no powers. He is paralysed and cant move. He has no evil designs but our superheroes kick his ass anyway!
His Aides :
**** Boy - information censored
***** Girl - information censored

More Superheroes :
*Man(Read as STAR MAN) - He can replace anything. For ex. if he wants to become the wind he has to substitute "wind" in place of the *. He can also have multiple substitutions. Knowledge of ToC recommended for easy comprehension.
.Man(Read as DOT MAN) - Similar in super powers to *Man but can only substitute 1 thing at a time. Possible sidekick to *Man

A few more characters were also designed but i'll write about them when their roles are clearly defined. These characters were conceived in a cave(reason for cave-man kind of intelligence) by four of us. We were trying to make a list of hitherto unheard of superheroes and these were what we came up with!

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