Thursday, May 05, 2005

Deja vu , minesweeper and mangoes!

I sometimes get a feel of deja vu when i am watching a movie. Maybe that because i have seen so many movies that even if i am watching a movie for the second time I'll not know it until i have watched a significant part of the show. But seriously speaking i have sometimes felt during many a conversation that i had talked to the same people about the very same things at the very same place at some some time in the past. Maybe there is a scientific explanation to this feeling. It has been said that deja vu is just an anomaly of memory. But the human subconscious is a great force and not to be underestimated. For that matter even our conscious mind hasnt been understood yet. I have tried doing that and have subsequently proposed a theory regarding the mind and minesweeper. :D

One of my all-time-favourite games is Minesweeper. I have been hooked to it since my summer in Samudra in 2002:) I've made significant progress in improving my skills in it through practice. But at the same time i've also improved because of my theory about how the conscious mind influences this game. Minesweeper as you must know(if you dont pls find out by typing "winmine" in the run box if you are using windows.. sry i donno the command in linux) is about how fast you can think and click. So whatever processes that run in your mind will affect your performance in the game. After hours and probably days spent on this subject i've concluded that when you think about things as distant from minesweeper as possible during the game you tend to get better times in the game. Do try it out. I recommend counting numbers while playing the game. I had read somewhere that at any moment only about 25% of our brain is actually used! So counting numbers isnt going to really tax your brain. Whatever be the results for you my times have improved since i put my theory into practice. My best times are now 3(beginner), 23(intermediate) and 93(expert). There is no proof for my theory. You will have to take my word for it. (an unintentional pun :P)

I once read a nice little story in Tinkle(i was only 10 then :P). Its pretty much related to the mind and how we think. I feel i must share it with the world. Here is how it goes.

There was once a king(interesting that there is always a king in most stories) who was suffering from a grave ailment. His court physician could not cure this mysterious sickness. So the king sentenced the physician to the gallows. The physician(our hero) was a clever and intelligent young man who's brain ran faster than a computer(oops wrong story :D). Our hero goes upto the king and tells him that he has a medicine that could cure him but it would work only on a condition. The medicine was to be taken continuously for 7 days but the condition was that at the time of dosage the king should not think of a "mango". Everyday for seven days the king would come for the dosage. But the physician would remind him that he should'nt think of a mango. Automatically the king would think of a mango and at the end of seven days the physician had saved his head.

I now notice that my post is way too long and not even coherent. Probably this was written in a subconscious state! So i'll end it here. "Only a diamond can cut a diamond". A similar analogy exists. "Only a brain can understand a brain" :D

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