Thursday, May 05, 2005

An unbearable loss ...

Yesterday i lost a dear friend. After a whole day of mourning i have finally gathered enough courage to write about the incident. It is particularly tough to write about this great loss to me because i was involved in the incident. In fact i was more than involved.. I was responsible for this tragedy. I am still recuperating from this shock and am still groping for answers.

For 2 whole years my friend was beside me for more time than anyone else. I spent my life, not just a lot of time, with my friend.. my mornings, afternoons, evenings and even my nights. It was more than a friendship to me. My friend was my guide, my philisopher, by beacon of light, my trusted companion through life. Hell, I even slept on my friend! A loss like this is particulary hard to bear and more so when you are reliving the incident for writing about it. But i'll go through the pain again so that the reader will understand my plight.

Yesterday at around 6:00 AM after playing monopoly all night long i thought i would watch a movie. So i got the ambience ready, chose a good movie and clicked on play. It was at this exact moment that i lost my dearest friend. The chair i've been sitting on broke and down i fell on my bottom. The steel bar holding the seat had finally given in to the pressures that i put it to. I had finally broken a long lasting relationship. I LOVED my chair. It endured me for 2 whole years. I even moved it with me when i changed rooms. I think i slept on my chair more than on my bed. There have been innumerable instances when i fell into the arms of sleep in the cozy embrace of my chair. It has been there for me at all times, at my highs as well as my lows. There is something amiss in my room now. The void left by my chair will never be filled even if u get an exact copy of it. But life will go on.

All this reminds me of a line from one of my favourite movies - Fight Club. "The Things you own end up owning you".

I miss my chair :((
Since i am still in mourning, i feel its not apt to write anything funny. ;)

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