Thursday, May 05, 2005

"Kick start" life...

Finally I rode a bike on for more than 2 km's. This may seem farfetched but i am scared of two-wheelers. Might be because i've been brought up in an environment that systematically induced a fear of twowheelers in me. My mothers twin brother was killed in a two-wheeler accident in Bombay when he was just 20 odd. Then my mothers younger brother also had a major accident on a bullet and was almost paralyzed. He was bedridden for about a year. These two major incidents have convinced my mother that riding a bike is as good as inviting death. So my upbringing was severely biased against bikes. Even now if i tell me mother that i rode a bike she will freeak out. I still remember how i had to plead to get my first bicycle and how my mother cried when i told her i had ventured out onto the roads with traffic on my tiny bicycle.

I know that riding isnt the hardest thing to do. In fact i do understand that once you get the hang of it, its as instinctive as pulling your hand out of a hot stove. But i think i did pretty well. I did have a little trouble with the gears and the accelerator but the fact that the bike was a splendor did help. And moreover riding at 4:00 AM when every goddamn road in the country is a freeway does help. The road from Hitec to Secret Lake is really good and with the cool breeze blowing in my face i felt that nothing could go wrong. Its a special feeling when you control something. It felt great. And all this time the Eagles were singing "On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair" in my head. One thing is for sure Riding and Music is a magical concoction. But that is for another day and another post.

Now for a witty line which probably says a lot about me. We were discussing our future when i innocently said that in case i ever was in a mangerial position in a game designing studio my designation would read "Manager cum Gamer". Pat comes a comment: "No your designation would read Manager kam Gamer jyada".

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