Thursday, May 05, 2005

Tricks of the trade...

I've read a lot of blogs and it pains me to read the ones in which people just crib and crib. *I Guess i am doing that right now!!* So finally i've come up with a set of rules to follow while blogging. These are the rules of engagement ... in my opinion.
Rule 1 : NO cribbing or backbiting
Rule 2 : NO taking names
Rule 3 : NO personal stuff(you get to define personal)
Rule 0 : Follow above rules!

I must mention that these rules are only for me and me only. I've religiously followed them till now and will in the future. You must come up with your own rules that are tailored to your requirements.

Now coming to the funny incident that i promised.. here goes.
This happened around 3 years back. I and a friend of mine(see no names :D) had a small problem. We needed Winzip but since the network was down we couldnt copy it or download it. So we had to transfer a winzip installer of size 1.5MB from one system to another. All we had was 1 floppy. As you might know a floppy can take only 1.44 MB of data. Being such brilliant minds, we hit upon a marvellous idea and we zipped Winzip and compressed it to 1.3 Mb. Now our problem was solved and we transferred the data to the other system. But now we had a zipped Winzip file which meant that the unzipping software was itself zipped!! We had nothing to unzip it with and were back to square one. We have a hearty laugh over this now, but at that time we looked like morons.

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Anonymous said...

Just got ur blog link through some browsing.Couldnt resist appreciating the funduness of zippping the winzip:).If I would have been in your place I must have done the same thing:)