Thursday, May 05, 2005

Algorithms of life..

Priorities.... you have them all the time. Leading busy lives most of us dont have the time to do everything. We are, in a way, like multitasking machines with a huge pool of tasks. The algorithm that we choose to do the scheduling is one based on priorities. Its a very complicated program but at the same time very short like one of those recursion ones. (For a very very long time I was dumbfounded at that 4 line towers-of-hanoi program).
Do I sound like we are machines and we dont have a heart? Do i sound like we always let our brains do the deciding. But wait.. even the heart has a say in this. Or else to what reason would you attribute a gamer playing CS all night long with 2 exams on the next day! I would have given an example of lovers(love being the most irrational phenomenon) but i havent any experience of it. So CS will have to do :(
According to my theory this complex program takes inputs from two sources.. the brain and the heart. All the people in this world can be divided into two categories. The ones that listen to the heart and the ones that listen to the brain. There have however been incidents of people who have listened to neither but i'll conveniently choose to ignore them. You can decide what category you fall in.

*This blog makes me sound like a stuck up person who has no fun in his life! Hence from now on, every post will carry a witty or an amusing incident from the world around me. Please note that these are not copied or stolen from others pages. They involve me and the people around me.*

We were on our way back from our professor's place. It was a long way and there were 2 different routes we could take. And as expected one of them was about 3-4 km's longer than the other. One of my fellow riders, who didnt know this fact, took the longer way. I had to make a decision whether to call him on his cell and tell him he had taken a longer route or to just let him take the longer route. At this point i asked my friend his opinion to which he punned : It's your call !!

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