Monday, May 23, 2005

The beginning of an obsession

I still remember the day we took a cable TV connection at home. This was around November 1994. The very first program i watched on that fateful sunday was a race. A race in which i had no idea who was racing whom or where it was being held or for that matter what it was called! But i still remember being mesmerized by the images on the TV. I still remember an incident(a collision) between two drivers which the commentators kept discussing for the whole race and even after the race. And amazingly after the race they declared that the World Champion was someone called "Michael Schumacher".
I vividly remember being dumbfounded on how someone who crashed out of the race could be the champion! But i was hooked to the spectacle though frankly, i did not understand anything. But i vowed to switch to prime-sports every sunday and watch every race from then on. But unfortunately the races never happened! I was in total confused but i craved for the races like a child for candy. After 4 months, finally in the March of 1995, i chanced upon a preview show of the races which explained the whole concept of Formula 1 and ran a small feature on each driver. Everything fell in place and i've been a F1 fanatic since then. I still root for Schumacher though he isnt the same force that he was for the last 5 seasons. How great men fall and yet how they remain immortal is for another post.
Here is more information on the first race i saw:

This time its two of my original quotes and not any incident. They are the result of fleeting moments of enlightenment.
"If work is worship then I am an atheist"
"You cannot argue with people in love for love is not driven by reason"

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