Thursday, May 05, 2005

On opinions and prejudice..

Though it might sound stupid but I've tried my hardest not to blog. But when everyone around you is blogging it is hard to not be influenced by them. So as Bryan Adams sings... Here I am - this is me. There's no where else on earth I'd rather be... I am finally here to write about what i think.

*every statement from now on is a personal opinion of the writer and if you have a different one i am ready to respect that but dont expect me to agree with you*

For all those people who consider they are not prejudiced.

I've thankfully never had a paucity of opinion but i've always felt that i am rational and logical in that regard. Mind you, having an opinion and being prejudiced are not two different things. They are as diffferent from chalk is from calcium carbonate. I like to believe i am not prejudiced but tell me who isnt? There is prejudice in this world and there will always be because we live in a linear world. Linear in the sense that time moves forward and we can only learn one thing after another. It would however be wonderful if we lived in a multidimensional non-linear universe where time would remain still as we hop from one dimension to another. But reality is that once you find something out you have formed an opinion on it. You have made a choice and everything you find out after that wil be influenced by what you already know. People would like to have an opinion but would hate to be called prejudiced. But if you have an opinion you are prejudiced. Think about it before you make a decision. Think why you made that decision which changed your life. Think is all i ask of you.
Well people are probably prejudiced against prejudice.

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